Awesome Wall

These are some awesome people:
killer25612082, Mattdb, Cactopus, Spectrix, HuntedCS, Rem~, Giulion, darkvampy, Deger, R3aL, invinciblebg, 9Fingers, Kewzzed, FluxCoder

The awesome wall is for people that have donated money to FluxCoder, to be added to it, join here.

Username Message
killer25612082 skype:vidyaguruprasad
Mattdb I love you qt <3
Cactopus baby we've done it, break out the red panties
Spectrix Dude you are so fucking awesome
HuntedCS Honestly, you should fuck me and suck me for this!
Rem~ Little donation.
Giulion Waiting to see the website finished ;)
darkvampy Dunno just random donation ly
Deger Can't wait to see it finished :)
R3aL See ya in 1 year when this great site blows up?
invinciblebg Very good work :) Nice site ;)
9Fingers 'We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged'
Kewzzed Does This Finally Make Me Into The Special Snowflake I've Always Wanted To Be? Kappa
FluxCoder A test donation from the Developer himself.

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